Gregory Adams

Director of Aid Effectiveness

Gregory Adams directs Oxfam America’s advocacy work on aid effectiveness and reform of US foreign aid and development policy. He works with allied organizations and individuals to generate momentum for foreign aid and development policy reforms that are driven by a long-term commitment to effectively reduce poverty.

Prior to Oxfam America, Adams spent more than 10 years working for members of the US House of Representatives, covering national security and foreign affairs issues. He served as legislative director for Representative Diane E. Watson of Los Angeles. In this role, he helped craft Watson’s positions on the Millennium Challenge Corporation and other dimensions of US foreign aid.

Adams has given briefings and presentations at venues including the United Nations, US Department of State, US Agency for International Development, and American University. In addition, he has also briefed Members of Congress on aid effectiveness issues and recently sat on an anti-corruption panel at the 14th Annual International Anti-Corruption Conference in Bangkok. Adams is a frequent commentator in the media including The Washington Post, Foreign Policy,NPR, and Politico.