Conflict in sudan

  1. Brief

    We no longer share the land

    Agricultural change, land, and violence in Darfur.

  2. Research

    Darfur Land Research

    An examination of Darfur

  3. Fact sheet

    Crisis in Darfur

    In Darfur, Sudan, few of those who were uprooted by conflict a decade ago feel safe to return to their villages, and violence is still driving people from their homes.

  4. Brief

    Tackling the food deficit in the world's newest country

    A year after South Sudan became the world's newest nation, half of its 9.7 million citizens are struggling to meet their basic food needs. Internal conflict, clashes with Sudan, poor harvests, and complex population movement have all contributed to the current crisis.

  5. Impact update

    In war-torn Darfur, a stove with a mission

    For the women of Darfur who live in camps for displaced people, simply feeding a family can present extraordinary risks.

  6. Brief

    Beyond Sudan's big day

    What next for one of the least developed places on earth?