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In Somaliland, queuing for cash

Knowing that a $60 transfer had arrived for me I took my place behind a long procession of Somalilanders eager to collect funds that their relatives, friends and broader kin had sent from other countries.

First Person blog

In Somaliland, what’s the text message everyone waits for?

Imagine tightening your belt so you can set aside a few extra dollars for your kin threatened by famine and conflict, while knowing in the back of your mind that a bank can shut down the transfer service at a moment’s notice.

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Slogans in Somaliland: This one is everywhere

Families in Somalia and Somaliland depend on money transfers from friends and relatives abroad. Without the support, life would become unimaginably difficult for many. When that lifeline was threatened, Oxfam's partners sounded the alarm.

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In Somalia, education is a dream for many

"If the young Somalis learn something while they are young, then they will be ale to take part in the progress of their mother country."--Ahmed


Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald team up with Oxfam

NFL superstar wide receivers Anquan Boldin of the Baltimore Ravens and Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals are teaming up once again on a mission to bring attention to the ongoing drought in East Africa.