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We can do this.

You’re smart, passionate, and care about people. We do too. Let’s join forces and end poverty—sign up for our emails today.

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We’ll provide you with information and tools you need to take on the injustice of poverty.

Oxfam Clubs

Oxfam Club at St Norbert College

Be part of a community of students who are committed to ending the injustice of poverty. Oxfam Clubs around the country are supporting Oxfam’s campaigns, which bring awareness to some of today’s most important issues. From campaigning to end unjust migration policies to taking a stand for climate justice, students are on the front lines of the fight for change.

Each Oxfam Club creates its own Oxfam events and collaborates with other organizations on its campus to raise awareness and draw global-to-local connections. Club members gain valuable professional skills through their involvement, such as event planning, recruitment and retention, public speaking, volunteer management, social media and email marketing, and more.

" Our club is composed of members from a variety of majors with diverse interests. This helps our club to reach a variety of local organizations because each member has connections to a variety of clubs and organizations, both in and out of school. " -Julia McNulty, Oxfam Club at UT Austin.

All registered Oxfam Clubs have access to resources on Basecamp, an online platform that supports your Oxfam activities, including downloadable materials, online videos, and a community of support.

Start an Oxfam Club

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Step 1. Download our free toolkit and learn how to start making a difference on campus.

Step 2. Register your club with Oxfam to access additional resources and updates.

Step 3. Register your Oxfam Club members. By subscribing, you receive campaign updates, resources, and Oxfam Clubs’ newsletter.

Step 4. Read, sign, and submit Oxfam Clubs' Partnership Agreement. Show your commitment to Oxfam’s work on campus by turning in this agreement. Once signed, you will be part of a network of people and resources that will help your club be successful.

More information

What will my Oxfam Club do?

During the academic year, Oxfam Clubs commit to:

  • Reading, reviewing, signing, and submitting the Oxfam Clubs Partnership Agreement to Oxfam staff.
  • Working on a current Oxfam campaign. From climate change to advocating for migrant rights, students stand on the front lines in the fight for fair and compassionate policies.
  • Joining our bi-monthly calls and encouraging your Club members. The more members who join the calls, the more support, knowledge, and enthusiasm there will be throughout your Club membership.
  • Hosting 3-5 events per semester. Oxfam events can include tabling, workshops, class presentations, panels, movie screenings, lobbying, Oxfam Hunger Banquets, Oxfam Jams, concerts, and other creative events in support of Oxfam issues.
  • Telling us about your events each month via Survey Monkey.
  • Collect and share updated member contact information with Oxfam. Sharing this information ensures that all club members receive the latest news about Oxfam campaigns, events, opportunities, and more!

What support does Oxfam provide?

Oxfam will provide clubs with:

  • Regular communications with Oxfam America staff who serve as a resource to students.
  • Connections to other Oxfam Clubs and local groups.
  • Free materials, including buttons, stickers, bookmarks, bandanas, factsheets, magazines, and brochures. Some of these can also be downloaded from our materials page.
  • Oxfam Club toolkits and “how to” documents, a sample constitution, customized club logos, and a club letter of support. Once you are registered with Oxfam, you will be added to the Basecamp platform, where you will be able to access all these materials. Your Oxfam Club will also have its own Oxfam Club section where you will be able to upload your materials. Club members can also interact with one another in your Basecamp section.

What is the best way to run an Oxfam Club?

  • Maintain frequent communication with Oxfam staff–we are here to support you.
  • Use Basecamp to share your questions and keep your Oxfam Club’s documents organized. (Note: To learn more about how to use Basecamp, watch this video.)
  • Be positive representatives of Oxfam’s brand in all your activities, such as using Oxfam approved messages and materials when talking about Oxfam's work. You can always contact [email protected] if you are unsure about something
  • Submit petition signatures and funds raised to Oxfam promptly to ensure your hard work has the greatest impact. You can email your petitions to [email protected] Contact us at [email protected] to arrange your donations.
  • Utilize available Oxfam resources and materials, provide background information, and give guidance and direction to officers and club members.
  • Ensure that teamwork and cooperation among officers and members is a core value of your club.
  • Plan ahead and allow adequate lead time when ordering materials from Oxfam and/or when booking services on your campus.
  • Stay updated about university policies and procedures that may benefit or impact your Club.
  • Ensure continuity from year to year by training new leadership and keeping good records of all organizational activities.
  • Have fun!

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Tools & downloads

  1. Tools for activists

    How to make a difference on campus

    Oxfam Toolkits are designed for individuals and groups looking for a hands-on way to fight against the injustice of poverty. These practical how-to guides collect ideas and advice from Oxfam's experts as well as supporters around the country. Oxfam Toolkits represent an entry point into the world of activism—building community with like minded individuals.

  2. Brochure

    Oxfam at a glance: On campus

    In 1974, Oxfam America launched its first grassroots anti-hunger campaign. Among those who joined the effort were high school and university students, whose dedication and optimism attracted others to the cause.

    Nearly four decades later, students still number among Oxfam’s most committed supporters, organizing events and building networks on campus and beyond. Today’s student volunteers usually work with Oxfam in one of two ways: as participants in our national leadership program, the CHANGE Initiative, or as members of Oxfam Clubs on campuses around the country.

  3. Tools for activists

    Resources for your Oxfam Club

    For tips on starting or running an Oxfam Club at your school, see our guide How to make a difference on campus.


Volunteers in action

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