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It’s time to act for Syria

Where’s President Obama’s strategy for Syria? 

The US Senate unanimously passed a resolution giving President Obama 90 days to deliver a strategy to Congress to address the Syria crisis. The clock ran out on July 2. 

Since 2011, the fighting that has devastated Syria has driven nearly 10 million people from their homes. Close to 2.8 million—more than half of whom are children—have fled to neighboring countries. Syria’s people, and those who are giving them refuge, desperately need help to meet their basic needs for food, clean water, shelter, and medical care.

The US has been generous with humanitarian aid for those affected by the conflict; however, the Obama Administration missed the Senate’s July 2 deadline for his administration to release a strategy to address and end this crisis. As conflict increases, we cannot afford to lose focus—we need a plan for peace. Urge the Obama Administration to act now. 

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