Oxfam Connect 2019

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More than 100 donors and supporters came to Boston in April for Oxfam Connect, our first-ever conference for donors, volunteers, and allies, to learn more about Oxfam’s strategies for fighting global poverty.

Featured Speakers

We put together a strong collection of speakers for Oxfam Connect 2019, including members of our leadership team, and Oxfam staff and partners from the U.S. and around the world.

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Featured Speakers from Oxfam Connect 2019

Abby Maxman
President and CEO, Oxfam America

Sean Maguire
Actor and Activist

Tanya Maguire
Advocate and Thought Leader

Mohamad Ali
President and CEO, Carbonite

Ana Maria Mendez Libby
Country Director, Oxfam in Guatemala

Faine Greenwood
Researcher, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative

Ivan Morales
Country Director, Oxfam in El Salvador

Melchor Mergal
Mayor of Municipality of Salcedo, Eastern Samar, Philippines

Nawal al-Maghafi
Journalist, BBC

Patricia Montes
CEO, Centro Presente

Day 1 Schedule

9:00-9:30: President’s Welcome

Oxfam America President and CEO Abby Maxman kicks off the conference with an overview of Oxfam's mission, recent work, and her vision for working together.

9:45-10:45: Breakout Session (choose one)

Hard work, hard lives here in the US

Millions of people in the US work long hours under arduous conditions, making wages that keep them trapped in poverty. This panel exposes the precarious situations marginalized workers, such a guest workers, refugees, and people of color, have to deal with, and explores how Oxfam is seeking solutions from a variety of angles.

Transforming landscapes: The future of sustainable agriculture

Join this session to learn about agro-forestry and how Oxfam is harnessing it to help women small-scale farmers become more resilient against climate change, and more productive as well. We will look at Oxfam's initiative to "re-green" the Sahel as a case study of how our work is producing change.

11:00-12:00: Before it’s too late: How Oxfam and partners are responding to the emergency in Yemen

This panel featuring Oxfam staff and London-based reporter Nawal al-Maghafi delves into Oxfam's work with local partners to respond to the crisis as well as the advocacy efforts in and out of Yemen.

12:00-1:00: Lunch and Networking

1:00-2:00: How do we keep migrants and refugees safe in the US?

This discussion brings together staff working on our migration campaign and people who have been directly affected by the Trump Administration's discriminatory immigration policies to share their experiences and correct the skewed narrative around migration.

2:15-3:15: Breakout Session (choose one)

Behind the curtain: How we tell stories of your impact

Oxfam America’s senior writers lead an interactive session exploring our storytelling approach, a first-hand look at freshly gathered content on women leaders in Cambodia, and the kinds of stories you’d like us to tell into the future.

Using advocacy to fix our broken food system

Learn how Oxfam advocates against the corporate sector to fix the broken food system with examples from our Behind the Brands campaign and ongoing Behind the Barcodes campaign.

3:30-4:30: After Hurricane Maria: Building back better in Puerto Rico

Last year, Oxfam's work in Puerto Rico was focused on helping local humanitarian leaders get water running and lights back on. With immediate concerns taken care of, we’re now addressing the underlying problems that cost so many lives, and leave so many more at risk.

4:30-5:15: Networking Break

5:15-7:00: Dispatches from the Middle East: A look at the global refugee crisis

Oxfam ambassadors Sean and Tanya Maguire share their experiences from a trip to Greece during the height of the refugee crisis in this conversation with Oxfam's Migration and Protection Campaigns Lead Isra Chaker.

Day 2 Agenda

9:00-10:30: What would you do? A problem-solving simulation on disaster risk reduction

This session digs into Oxfam's work with local humanitarian leaders in the Philippines in response to recent typhoons. Later, you will have the chance to put your knowledge to the test as you react to scenarios in small groups.

10:45-11:45: Breakout Session (choose one)

Briefing from the Hill: Campaigning for global food security

This presentation looks back on the eight-year journey to pass the Global Food Security Act into law, the role Oxfam played in getting this legislation across the finish line, and how it has helped lift millions of people out of hunger.

Digital (R)evolution: How drones fight poverty and injustice

This session illustrates digital transformation at Oxfam and among our partners through the example of a program in Peru that uses drones to empower indigenous communities and prevent deforestation in the Amazon.

12:00-1:00: Breakout Session (choose one)

The 1.5 °C difference: How global warming affects vulnerable people

In this discussion reminiscent of a fireside chat, panelists explore how climate change is impacting poor communities, problems for the foreseeable future, and make a plea for immediate action.

How women are breaking the natural resource curse

This presentation breaks down the challenges facing women in communities impacted by major oil, gas, and mining projects, and explains how Oxfam is advancing gender justice to break the cycle that keeps countries rich in resources locked in extreme poverty.

1:00-2:00: Lunch and Networking

2:00-3:00: Gender violence and migration in Central America

This panel investigates the core issues leading to increased migration from Central America, in particular gender-based violence, and how Oxfam is working with communities to tackle these problems.

3:15-4:15: Breakout Session (choose one)

Taking action with Oxfam: How can you get involved?

Want to learn more about how Oxfam staff and volunteers take action? We'll go behind the scenes and introduce you to the people who push Oxfam's mission forward. this interactive discussion will reveal what inspires staff and volunteers to be part of the organization and how they carry Oxfam's values with them in their work. The panelists will share they ways they have taken action with Oxfam, such as becoming a CHANGE Leader, a concert volunteer, canvassing out in the streets, or participating in rallies.

How we live our mission: Empowering female leaders at Oxfam

Get personal in this intimate chat with two female leaders at Oxfam, who will offer their takes on breaking the glass ceiling in the development space, and share how that is reflected in our programming to empower women economically and in the personal sphere.

4:30-4:45: Keynote: Our challenge to you

Oxfam America President and CEO Abby Maxman closes Oxfam Connect with a challenge to keep connecting with the fight against the injustice of poverty, with Oxfam’s work, and with each other.

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