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Play the interactive game: "In Harm's Way"

Disaster response training in Haiti. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

"We're here today to experience a disaster—one that should not be happening." So begins "In Harm‘s Way," Oxfam‘s game on rethinking natural disasters.

You can play "In Harm‘s Way" with as few as 30 people or as many as 150. We provide the materials you‘ll need. As the 90-minute game progresses, players gain a more personal experience of a humanitarian crisis and come to understand that severe storms—and other natural events—do not have to become disasters for a country‘s poorest people. Through planning and preparation, lives, property, and people‘s livelihoods can be saved during emergencies.

During the game, the country you will live in and the roles you will play are fictional. And while the details of your reality are not real, the circumstances they represent are. Every 15 minutes, 24 hours will have passed. Your job is to respond to the crisis—and survive.

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  1. Tools for activists

    In harm's way: Oxfam America's game on rethinking natural disasters

    This exciting and interactive tool helps raise awareness of the causes and consequences of disasters, as well as the positive ways that communities can work to lessen the impact.

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  1. Tools for activists

    How to take action: Organizing in your community

    Taking action at the grassroots can make a difference at the global level. From meeting with lawmakers to making news, this guide covers all that you need to know.

  2. Tools for activists

    How to fundraise for Oxfam: Frequently asked questions

    Community-driven efforts like yours provide essential support for fighting poverty and responding to disasters worldwide. Check out these questions and answers to help you get started.

  3. Tools for activists

    Oxfam container wrapper

    Download and print this container (can) wrapper for your event.

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    Oxfam America event sign-up sheet

    Download and print this sign-up sheet for your next event. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+