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Today only: emergency toilet gifts matched!

Host a house party

Women in Mali singing and playing instruments. Photo: Rebecca Blackwell/ Oxfam America

A house party is a fun, informal gathering where you get your friends and family together to take action, like writing a letter or making a phone call to your legislator, hosting a film screening and discussion, building a support network, or educating others.

Use your house party to inspire, get people thinking, and teach your guests about the issues that matter to you.

Hosting a house party can be a powerful experience. You’ll get to work with others committed to social justice. And you’ll make an important contribution by raising awareness about critical issues that affect poor communities.

We’ve put together plenty of free materials to help you host an event in your community.

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Tools & downloads

  1. Tools for activists

    How to host a house party

    A house party is a fun way to take action with friends and family. This guide includes everything you'll need to plan a successful event.

  2. Tools for activists

    How to fundraise for Oxfam: Frequently asked questions

    Community-driven efforts like yours provide essential support for fighting poverty and responding to disasters worldwide. Check out these questions and answers to help you get started.

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