Oxfam Gifts Card: I bought an emergency toilet for you.

World Toilet Day Special

Today only, all emergency toilet gifts are matched!

In recognition of World Toilet Day, all emergency toilet gifts will be matched until midnight.

Today only: emergency toilet gifts matched!

IMPULSE by Mathieu Bitton

We are hosting a mainstream celebrity artist exhibit in Houston and would like to give 33% of all proceeds to Oxfam America.

Impulse is a multi-media exhibition that chronicles the Mathieu Bitton's journey over the years. Silver Street Studios will be the host venue providing the raw industrial canvas for this vibrant work. It will be transformed into a vignette portal to showcase his journey, book-ended by his Looking Back On Love: Making Black and White America, a documentary on Grammy winning artist Lenny Kravitz, along we a re-creation of his 1990's Manhattan loft in the Flat Iron District of New York City. We would also like have Mathieu create a unique rendition for Oxfam America.

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