Africa’s Oil Frontiers After Ukraine:

Power, Profit and Peril


Tuesday, May 2, 2023
10-11:30 AM
Join us in person or online.

On Tuesday, May 2 Oxfam will host a panel discussion featuring experts engaged with communities and companies at the frontlines of Africa’s oil frontiers. A year after the Ukraine crisis changed the energy conversation, learn who is winning, who is losing and what is at stake across the continent. Panelists will discuss how African citizens can benefit from these new market dynamics, while addressing serious risks and circumventing past mistakes.

  • Featured speakers include:
    • Adriano Nuvunga, Executive Director, Center for Democracy and Development, Mozambique
    • Bashir Twesigye, Executive Director, Civic Response on Environment and Development, Uganda
    • Moderated by Maria Lya Ramos, Associate Director, Natural Resource Justice Program, Oxfam

Join us in person or online.
Oxfam Office:
1101 17th St NW #1300, Washington, DC 20036

From Senegal and DRC to Uganda and Mozambique, oil and gas projects are moving forward across Africa as multinational corporations scramble to develop the continent’s reserves. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has intensified this “dash for gas” as Western governments search the globe for alternative sources of energy. And, despite the climate crisis, African governments see their fossil fuel reserves as major sources of revenue and a way to tackle their mounting debt crises: at COP27 some African delegations even made the case for more fossil fuel investments.

Behind this latest resource scramble is an honest debate, framed by the inequality of climate change: are low-income and lower-emitting countries like Uganda and Mozambique justified in tapping their fossil fuel reserves? And, in doing so, are they exercising a new form of economic independence or simply filling the West’s energy supply gap, harkening to colonial patterns of resource development? Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+