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Yemen cholera outbreak hits 1 million suspected cases


Oxfam is horrified that Yemen’s cholera outbreak has hit the one million mark of suspected cases, as it’s devastated by over 1,000 days of war:

Shane Stevenson, Oxfam’s Country Director in Yemen, said: “It is a disgrace that in the 21st century such an easy-to-treat disease like cholera could infect over a million people in one country.

"This is the world's worst recorded outbreak, a man-made tragedy driven by more than a thousand days of a relentless and ruthless war. Month after month, the humanitarian situation in Yemen continues to deteriorate, slowly destroying every aspect of Yemenis’ lives.

"More than 16 million people - almost the combined population of London and New York - are currently without clean water and millions more face losing their supply unless the Saudi-led coalition’s blockade is lifted quickly."

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