Statement on Sen. Boxer climate legislative principles

By Oxfam

WASHINGTON, DC — Oxfam America President Raymond C. Offenheiser made the following statement in reaction to today's release of a set of new principles for climate change legislation introduced today by Senator Barbara Boxer:

"We are heartened that Senator Boxer's moved swiftly in the 111th Congress to prioritize climate legislation and has started the discussion on the right foot with an assertive set of principles.

"Senator Boxer's principles move the debate in the right direction by acknowledging the importance of science in dictating the necessary emission cuts to avoid climate chaos, and recognizing the importance of the US engagement in the ongoing international negotiations for a post-2012 agreement.

"We are particularly encouraged by Senator Boxer's emphasis on the importance of using revenues from a carbon market to help poor communities around the world cope with the present and future unavoidable impacts of global warming.

"Around the world, millions of people are facing the fact that the impacts of climate change are here to stay—and will intensify no matter how quickly we cut emissions. The poorest, most vulnerable people are being affected directly—first and worst—despite being least responsible for climate global warming.

"There's no time to waste so we urge all members of the Environment & Public Works Committee to build on these principles and deliver strong climate legislation that not only tackles curbing emissions fairly, but also helps poor communities—here and abroad—prepare for and adapt to adverse climate impacts."

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