1. Barbara Durr

    Director of Strategic Partnerships, Executive Office

    Barbara joined Oxfam America in 2010, after a 15-year career with CARE. She is currently Director of Strategic Partnerships under President and CEO Abby Maxman, covering Abby’s external relationships and exploring innovative partnerships and sources of earned revenue.

    Previously, Barbara was ...

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  2. Carlos E Mejia

    Humanitarian Change Goal Manager

    Carlos works with Oxfam to develop effective leadership among local humanitarian actors in Sudan, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Peru and Central America as part of Oxfam’s core strategy to transform the humanitarian system. Carlos is an international humanitarian expert with over ...

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  3. Dr. Laté Lawson-Lartego

    Director, Inclusive and Resilient Food Systems

    Dr. Laté Lawson-Lartego is Oxfam America’s Food Systems Theme Director and has over 20 years of experience in both the private and nonprofit sectors. His theme’s vision is inclusive, resilient sustainable and healthy food systems for all. The theme straddles ...

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  4. Fatema Z. Sumar

    Vice President of Global Programs

    Fatema Z. Sumar joined Oxfam America in 2018 as Vice President of Global Programs, where she oversees our regional development and humanitarian response programs. Fatema comes to Oxfam with a distinguished career in the U.S. government, leading U.S. efforts to ...

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  5. Gawain Kripke

    Director of Policy

    Gawain Kripke is the director of policy and research at Oxfam America and has more than 20 years of experience working on public policy and advocacy issues. His department conducts research and policy advocacy focusing on the effectiveness of foreign ...

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  6. Ian Gary

    Director, Accountable Development Finance

    Ian Gary directs Oxfam America’s policy, advocacy and program work focused on promoting transparent and accountable financial flows – for example from taxes, foreign aid or oil and mining revenues – to fight poverty and reduce inequality.

    Previously he was ...

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  7. Irit Tamir

    Director, Private Sector Department

    Irit Tamir is the Director of Oxfam America's Private Sector Department. In her role, she is focused on working with companies to ensure that their business practices result in positive social and environmental impacts for vulnerable communities throughout the world. ...

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  8. Isra Chaker

    Migration and Protection Campaign Lead

    Isra Chaker leads Oxfam America’s Migration and Protection Campaign, managing a dynamic team that works to defend and support refugees, Temporary Protected Status holders, and asylum-seekers. Isra leads efforts to influence public opinion and policymakers, often collaborating with NGO coalitions ...

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  9. Kimberly Pfeifer

    Head of Research

    Kimberly Pfeifer is the Head of Research at Oxfam America, where she oversees the production of research and trends analysis. She serves as the editor of Oxfam America's Research Backgrounder Series and is a member of the organization’s Gender Resource ...

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  10. Minor Sinclair

    Director, US Regional Office

    Minor Sinclair directs Oxfam’s US regional office and the domestic program on Decent Work, which seeks policy and workplace solutions for low-wage workers in America’s food system. He serves as co-chair of the Equitable Food Initiative, a consortium of major ...

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  11. Muthoni Muriu

    Senior Director of International Programs

    As senior director of Oxfam America’s international programs department, Muthoni leads the organization’s efforts to design innovative, effective programs that reduce poverty and achieve lasting change. Muthoni’s passion for social justice issues began when she witnessed poverty and injustice as ...

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  12. Paul O'Brien

    Vice President for Policy and Advocacy

    Paul O'Brien is the Vice President for Policy and Advocacy at Oxfam America where he oversees our research, policy, advocacy, and campaigning work to influence the US government and US corporations. Before joining Oxfam in 2007, he lived in Afghanistan ...

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  13. Robbie Silverman

    Senior Advisor, Private Sector Department

    Robbie Silverman is a Senior Advisor for Oxfam America’s Private Sector Department, where he leads engagements with for-profit corporations to advance Oxfam’s mission to combat poverty, hunger, and injustice worldwide. Robbie works on the strategy and implementation of Oxfam’s global ...

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  14. Sasanka Thilakasiri

    Senior Policy Advisor, Climate Change and Energy

    Sasanka Thilakasiri is a Senior Policy Advisor for Climate Change and Energy at Oxfam America. He works on issues of energy poverty and clean energy access, in shifting international financing towards more pro-poor clean energy investments. He is the energy ...

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  15. Scott Paul

    Humanitarian Policy Lead

    Scott Paul leads Oxfam America’s policy advocacy on a number of emergencies and cross-cutting humanitarian issues. During his tenure at Oxfam, Paul has spearheaded the organization’s work on a number of acute crises, including those in Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Myanmar, ...

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  16. Shannon Scribner

    Humanitarian Policy Manager

    Shannon Scribner has been with Oxfam America since 2003 and is currently leading the humanitarian policy team in Washington, DC. She has worked on Oxfam’s humanitarian responses in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and ...

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Press contacts

Alissa Rooney
Director of Media and Public Relations
Boston, MA
Office: (617) 517-9488
Cell: (617) 835-7406
Email: alissa.rooney@oxfam.org

Laura Rusu
Policy and Campaigns Media Manager, Oxfam America
Washington, DC
Office: (202) 496-1169
Cell: (202) 459-3739
Email: laura.rusu@oxfam.org

Kria Sakakeeny
Corporate and Brand Media Relations Manager
Boston, MA
Office: (617) 517-9428
Cell: (401) 359-2219
Email: kria.sakakeeny@oxfam.org

Lauren Hartnett
Senior Humanitarian Press Officer
New York, NY
Cell: (203) 247-3920
Email: lauren.hartnett@oxfam.org

Emily Bhatti
Senior Corporate and Brand Press Officer
Boston, MA
Office: (617) 517-9461
Cell: (508) 868-6162
Email: emily.bhatti@oxfam.org

Andrew Bogrand
Senior Communications Advisor, Extractive Industries
Washington, DC
Office: (202) 471-3059
Email: andrew.bogrand@oxfam.org

Alyssa Eisenstein
Humanitarian Press Officer
Washington, DC
Office: (202) 777-2909
Cell: (202) 560-2652
Email: alyssa.eisenstein@oxfam.org

Becky Davis
Press Officer, Policy and Campaigns
Washington, DC
Office: (202) 777-2939
Cell: (202) 390-5587
Email: becky.davis@oxfam.org

Jileen Bray
Associate Press Officer
Boston, MA
Office: (617) 517-9462
Email: jileen.bray@oxfam.org

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