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Simon Pegg, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Miguel Bosé and others join Oxfam’s #eyesonParis climate campaign

By Oxfam

Oxfam Global Ambassadors Simon Pegg, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Miguel Bosé, and many other celebrities are joining Oxfam’s #eyesonParis social media campaign, to tell world leaders they are watching the climate negotiations in Paris and urging for strong climate action.

Starting today through COP21, the climate campaign encourages celebrities, leaders and the general public to take a photo of their eyes for social media, using hashtag #eyesonParis, in support of the best climate deal for the world’s poorest people who are already going hungry because of climate change. Oxfam wants the talks in Paris to result in carbon emissions cuts and funding to help those most vulnerable adapt to the effects of climate change.

“Climate change threatens to derail global efforts to combat hunger and poverty and is exacerbating inequality around the world,” said Oxfam America’s GROW campaign Manager Vicky Rateau. “It’s important that we all come together to tell our leaders that we are watching and demanding a strong climate deal for a more resilient world.”

Other celebrities participating in the campaign include Jamie Oliver, Naomie Harris, Paloma Faith, Sara Cox, Angélique Kidjo and Baaba Maal.

Oxfam International Executive Director, Winnie Byanyima said: “I am proud to join Oxfam’s Global Ambassadors Angélique Kidjo, Baaba Maal and Miguel Bosé, alongside many others, in calling for action in Paris. Millions of lives are at risk due to the devastating effects of climate change, like droughts and super storms. This will only worsen if governments don't reach a fair climate deal. People across the world want our political leaders to act. We all have our eyes on Paris.”

Actor, writer and producer, Simon Pegg said, "It's unbelievable we live in a world where some people still deny climate change. We all share planet earth and we all should care what goes on in Paris for the sake of future generations. I'm supporting Oxfam while they turn a global spotlight on this massive issue which affects the world's poorest people the most."

Renowned fashion designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood said: "All eyes are on Paris. We must begin now to stop climate change. Poor people are suffering more and the numbers are increasing."

Latin superstar and climate activist Miguel Bosé said: “I want to be able to look world leaders in the eye and say enough is enough, climate change is a global problem where poor people are already being hit hardest, and we need the best possible deal in Paris to do something about it.”

Grammy Award-winning and Benin-born singer, Angélique Kidjo said, "All eyes must be on Paris to ensure that world leaders make promises that truly tackle climate change once and for all. It is women and girls who feed Africa and the world, and it is they who are suffering the most from our warming world."

Senegalese music icon, Baaba Maal said, "I have my eyes on Paris because living in Senegal and travelling across the continent, I have seen how the climate has changed, how the land is getting drier and how people are getting hungrier. These people - whose livelihoods often rest entirely on being able to grow food - urgently need to see real actions by world leaders. They need to deliver concrete ways for people to adapt and survive climate change. I will not stop watching, nor will the African continent, until their future is secure."

Oxfam is calling on world leaders to bring about a climate deal in Paris that further cuts emissions before the end of the decade and delivers new and previously promised climate finance to help developing countries adapt and develop in low carbon ways. Oxfam is also urging the private sector to publicly champion a fair and ambitious deal, and for governments to turn their backs on vested interests that are intent on weakening a climate deal.

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