Senate action climate bill keeps United States in the game for Copenhagen

By Oxfam

Washington, DC — In reaction to today’s passage by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee of the Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act (S.1733), Raymond C. Offenheiser, president of international development organization Oxfam America, made the following statement:

“We commend Senator Boxer, Chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee, for forging ahead with this critical climate and energy legislation. With climate change already hurting millions of the most vulnerable people around the world and global negotiations in Copenhagen hanging in the balance, it was essential that this legislation move forward thoughtfully but quickly.

“Action must not be delayed on an issue that members from both sides of the aisle recognize as dire. This bill moves forward on a long-term vision of creating a cleaner world, spurring global economic growth, and building resilience to the serious impacts of climate change already being felt around the world.

“Because of Senator Boxer’s leadership, the bill improves emission reduction targets over the House-passed bill to 20 percent below 2005 levels by the year 2020 and takes a step to increase the funding for poor and vulnerable communities to adapt to climate change. While more finance is urgently needed to help the most at-risk developing countries cope with the effects of climate change, this bill recognizes the immediate importance of the adaptation challenge to foster global stability and poverty reduction worldwide.

“We look forward to working with the Senate to further improve the bill and increase support for adaptation efforts.  All options should be explored to provide the substantial resources needed both on the ground and for success in the international negotiations.”

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