A man waits to refill his medical oxygen cylinder for the Covid-19 coronavirus patient under home quarantine at a private refill centre in New Delhi on May 4, 2021.
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Regarding the ongoing fires in the Amazon, Oxfam Brazil said:

By Oxfam

“In this critical moment when Amazon forestry is burning it is not helpful to see the Brazil President putting the responsibility on the NGOs. This is a distraction of the reality of what is going on in the country. The environment situation in Brazil is critical. The forestry fire is not an isolated fact. The Brazilian environment laws, the public institutions responsible for their implementation and inspection are under threats by a vision that prioritize the economics and profits no matter the consequences for the people and the nature resources.

"Since the beginning of his administration, the Brazilian president has defended the idea that environmental policies and agencies, together with NGOs, are delaying the development of our country. He has been very emphatic to express how the business sector should be released to operate as they want.

"The EU-MERCOSUR agreement was signed based on Brazil’s commitment with international agreements around climate and with environmental policies. It was a surprise to see that EU signed it considering the current context in the country. The Amazon fires are just a starting point of what can happen in Brazil.

"EU should be coherent with their own commitments with their societies and the world and review its agreement with MERCOSUR.”

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