President-Elect Obama's commitment to re-engage in global climate talks praised

By Oxfam

LOS ANGELES — International humanitarian organization Oxfam America praised President-Elect Barack Obama's commitment to take the international lead in combating climate change. Speaking to the bipartisan Governors' Global Climate Summit in Los Angeles following President-Elect Obama's taped address to the group, Jim Lyons, Vice-President of Oxfam America, said:

"With the leadership of the governors who are co-hosting this event and the exciting new national leadership of President-Elect Obama, we are optimistic about the future in addressing climate change.

"We have two major tasks ahead: to help those suffering from serious climate impacts today and to help prevent even more catastrophic consequences in the future by reducing emissions. We must help those who are the most vulnerable adapt to the new climate reality by building climate resilience while at the same time working to reduce the prospects of further damage and destruction by reducing our own greenhouse gas emissions. We can and we must do both.

"We are confronted with enormous challenges. With these also come enormous opportunities, including the possibility for a new climate resilient, green economy. President-Elect Obama should be applauded for making climate change a priority for his administration. His address today is an important signal that his administration will vigorously re-engage in international climate negotiations and provide long overdue US leadership on global warming. We look forward to working with the President-Elect and his administration to tackle these enormous challenges."

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