Pakistan Flood: Oxfam Hopes Ban Ki Moon’s Pakistan visit will inspire serious commitment from the richest governments


Against the backdrop of UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s visit in to devastated areas of Pakistan, international aid agency Oxfam today says that the visit is welcome as the humanitarian community struggles to cope with limited funds and a rapidly escalating crisis. Oxfam says that donors have shown a lack of leadership and have failed to respond with anything like the speed or on the scale warranted by a crisis of this magnitude, and hopes that Mr. Ban Ki Moon’s visit will inspire serious and tangible commitments from the world's richest governments.

Neva Khan, Oxfam’s country director in Pakistan said :
“The speed with which the situation is deteriorating is frightening. Huge swathes of the country remain underwater, and we are extremely concerned about the risk of diseases such as malaria, cholera, and dengue fever. Communities desperately need clean water, latrines, and hygiene supplies, but the resources currently available cover only a fraction of what is required. We hope that Mr. Ban Ki Moon’s visit to Pakistan will inspire the world's wealthiest countries to respond more quickly to this grave humanitarian crisis.”

More than 14 million people are now affected by the floods in Pakistan according to latest figures. The UN's appeal, launched this week, is just 33 percent funded.  

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