Oxfam statement on the need for a ceasefire: The killing must stop

By Oxfam

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“The upsurge in violence in Gaza is horrific and untenable. The killing must stop. In particular, the high level of civilian casualties is simply outrageous. Oxfam staff are on the ground witnessing the destruction and agony.

We reiterate our position that a ceasefire by all parties is critical. Violence is not the way to bring a lasting solution to the crisis that guarantees peace and security for both Palestinians and Israelis. Therefore, we urge all Palestinian factions and the Israeli government to agree to an immediate ceasefire. There is not a moment to waste and many lives to save.

A ceasefire is unlikely to last without a serious political effort to address the causes of the disastrous situation and end the blockade of Gaza. These issues must be addressed but, first and foremost, lives must be saved and the killing must stop.”

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