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Oxfam response to re-introduction of Yemen War Powers Resolution

By Oxfam

In response to the re-introduction of the Yemen War Powers Resolution, Oxfam America’s Michael Helms, Senior Advisor for Government Affairs, said:

“Today’s re-introduction of the Yemen War Powers Resolution is another clear signal that members of Congress will no longer accept the United States’ unconditional support for the Saudi-led coalition’s role in Yemen’s deadly war. This legislation builds on the momentum from last year, when the Senate passed a similar resolution with strong, bipartisan support. This and future legislation will have a real positive impact on the lives of Yemeni families: It was no coincidence that on the same day the Senate passed the War Powers Resolution in December 2018, we saw the most substantive and encouraging breakthroughs in peace talks. US leaders must remain engaged to make sure Yemeni families experience the peace that leaders have promised but have yet to fully deliver.

“With the introduction of this measure, Congress is stating again – to the Trump administration and to all parties to the conflict – that they will no longer turn a blind eye to those committing deadly attacks on civilians or give unconditional support to this war. Congress and other leaders must ramp up pressure on all sides to ensure parties live up to their agreements and continue negotiating in good faith. Aid is saving lives every day, but peace is the only solution to the world’s largest humanitarian crisis.

“The eyes of the American people and our elected officials are fixed on this crisis and the role that America has played in it. It’s time to remind the world that Americans will not stand by while our government further imperils millions of innocent people caught in a bloody, senseless war.”

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