Oxfam response to Jalalabad attack

By Oxfam

Sachitra Chitrakar, Oxfam's Deputy Country Director in Afghanistan, said:

"Oxfam is deeply concerned and saddened by the recent attack in Jalalabad and we strongly condemn such an atrocious attack on those who are providing life-saving assistance. Our heartfelt condolences to the families who lost lives in the incident.

"Aid agencies are the first line responders to those in need and have provided food, cash assistance, water and sanitation, and other services. It is important that aid workers are able to carry out their work without the fear of attacks on their staff and facilities. The attacks on humanitarian agencies will hinder the delivery of vital aid, ultimately affecting the people who most need it.

"Oxfam in Afghanistan will continue its work. However, we have increased security measures in place to protect our staff and will continue to monitor the situation and will take necessary actions."

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