Oxfam reaction to Yemen War Powers Resolution vote


In reaction to the Senate vote on the Yemen War Powers Resolution, Oxfam America’s Humanitarian Policy Lead Scott Paul said:

“Oxfam welcomes the Senate’s passage of the Yemen War Powers Resolution. Today, 56 senators are standing up against an historic ally to demand a political settlement and a resolution of the world’s largest and most deadly hunger emergency. With the vote, the Senate is stating clearly that it values the lives of Yemenis and American ideals over politics and profit.

“Despite House leadership resorting to dirty tricks to disrupt progress on this yesterday, it’s clear that the momentum is growing to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its part in the deadly war in Yemen. For perspective, three years ago, not a single senator stepped forward to oppose a sale of bombs for Saudi Arabia to use in the deadly conflict. Today is a big win, but there is still much more work to do to see real results for the people of Yemen.

“Congress cannot end this war alone, and the Saudi-led coalition is just one of the parties contributing to the brutal conditions Yemenis face today. By providing continued, unflinching support for the Saudi-led coalition, the Trump administration is helping to push Yemen towards famine. With that lack of leadership from the White House, it is not just appropriate for Congress to intervene; it is a moral imperative.

“There was some encouraging news from Sweden this morning, as warring parties agreed to some terms, giving hope to Yemenis during a dark time. That agreement is yet another vital piece to reaching peace and saving lives in Yemen that should give US policy-makers even more reason to keep up the pressure.

“Congress should immediately take up proposals to suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia and make any ongoing defense cooperation contingent on their progress to find a political solution and improve the humanitarian situation in Yemen.

“As recent food security results from the IPC reiterated last week, this is a truly massive humanitarian crisis that has swept millions into deadly hunger, disease, and violence. Even with a widespread aid effort, conditions for Yemeni families continue to get more desperate. People are dying while politicians bluster and the world look on - we have no more time to waste.”

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