Oxfam Reaction to President Trump’s New Tariffs on Mexico

By Oxfam

In reaction to President Trump’s announcement of new tariffs on Mexico, Abby Maxman, President of Oxfam America, made the following statement:

“President Trump’s intention to impose new tariffs on Mexico is shortsighted, harmful, and counter-productive. Escalating tariffs will not deter migration and would have detrimental effects on our economy, Mexico’s economy, and the poorest in both countries. If anything, this policy will actually increase migration pressures throughout the region.

“While President Trump is fomenting an emergency at the border in order to take these actions, the real emergency is that every year, thousands of innocent people – families and children – in Central America have no other choice than to leave their homes to escape violence, criminal gangs, instability, poverty, and economic hardship.

“Rather than starting trade wars and demonizing those escaping violence and instability, we should protect the rights of asylum seekers while addressing the root causes of forced migration. It is time for Congress to put its foot down on the dangerous acts of this President that threaten constitutional checks and balances of power and the functioning of our democracy.”

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