Oxfam Reaction to President Trump's UN General Assembly Speech

By Oxfam

In reaction to President Trump’s address at the United Nations today, Abby Maxman, President of Oxfam America, made the following remarks:

“Once again, President Trump led with a tired, nationalistic foreign policy of fear and blame at the United Nations today, seeking to discredit and undermine the multilateral institutions and the international cooperation that is so critical to promoting our shared prosperity and security.

“President Trump restated his foreign policy’s central false premise: that necessary efforts to build a better, safer world are somehow a threat to Americans. He pointed fingers at others for some of our biggest challenges, like the crises in Yemen and Syria, but took no responsibility for his administration’s role in fueling them, and failed to commit to do his part to stop the violence and save lives.

“The challenges we are facing - growing inequality, influx of forced migration, the climate crisis -- are the same for families and countries around the world. At a time when all of us are worried about the future, we must work together to build and renew international cooperation - not tear it down.

“But as usual, President Trump’s rhetoric falsely pits Americans’ love of country against our passion for our planet and all its people. It’s not a choice we have to make. We can, and must, choose both.”

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