Oxfam reaction to IPCC Report on Land and Climate

By Oxfam

Responding to the publication of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report on Climate and Land, Aditi Sen, Oxfam’s senior climate policy advisor, made the following statement:

“Land is central to the fight against the climate crisis and hunger. Industrial agriculture, deforestation and increasing weather shocks are destroying the land we depend on for food, with the world’s poorest hit hardest.

“We need to put a stop to destructive industrial agriculture and invest in agro-ecological approaches that store carbon, improve soil health and increase yields. Governments must also invest in smallholder famers and uphold the rights of people to their land and forests, so that poor communities on the frontline of the climate crisis are able to feed themselves now and in the future.

“Politicians must aim for zero hunger as well as zero emissions. They must reject false solutions that divert land away from growing food and into producing crops and trees for energy and carbon capture.”

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