Oxfam gears up its aid effort to help people affected by Pakistan earthquake

By Oxfam

More than 9,000 people are being helped by Oxfam through its partners, who are delivering safe drinking water. Aid is being provided through water tankers and the repairing of damaged water systems. A contingency stock of Oxfam aid has arrived in the area is now being distributed.

Oxfam is planning to help 10,000 people with clean water, improved sanitation, mosquito nets and ensuring people are aware of the heightened health risks. It will also provide 7,500 families with cash or food to help feed them and to restore their means to make a living.

Media reports indicate that more than 350 people have been killed, approximately 700 people are injured and it is estimated that around 300,000 people have been affected. The death toll is expected to rise as the rescue teams reach more villages in the remote areas.

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