Oxfam evacuates Goma, DRC

By Oxfam

GOMA, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO — Juliette Prodhan, head of Oxfam in Congo said:

"As a result of the continued violence in eastern Congo, Oxfam and other international aid agencies have taken the decision to evacuate international staff from Goma as a precautionary measure this morning. National staff have been advised to stay at home. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, in the hope of being able to resume humanitarian assistance to those who so badly need it in the area.

"We are still committed to supplying clean water and sanitation to the over 65,000 people sheltering in Goma's camps. Because we work with community members in the camps, they have the know-how and resources to keep the water pumps running, and to ensure that sanitation is maintained. We delivered fuel and materials to the pumping station on Tuesday, which will allow camp residents to keep clean water running for the next two weeks. This will minimize the risk of diseases, like cholera, breaking out in the camps.

"If we cannot get back into the camps after two weeks, the situation will become more complicated. We urge all the armed groups in this conflict to stop fighting immediately, uphold their commitments and return to political dialogue. Further violence will only cause more human misery and suffering for people who have already suffered too much."

What you can do to help

To support the people of Congo, please consider making a contribution to Oxfam America's Democratic Republic of Congo Relief & Rehabilitation Fund.

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