Oxfam concerned about President Trump withdrawing US from the Paris climate agreement

By Oxfam

In response to media reports that President Trump will soon announce that he is withdrawing the United States out of the Paris Climate agreement, Oxfam America's Climate and Energy Director Heather Coleman made the following statement:

"Pulling out of the Paris agreement is a huge embarrassment that puts the United States in the same camp as Nicaragua and Syria- the only two states who are not party to the agreement. 

"Worse yet, this will have very serious consequences for millions around the world, especially the poorest and most vulnerable among us, whose lives are on the line because of climate change. More than 13 million people in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia — many who are children — are dangerously hungry and in need of humanitarian assistance, with climate change making things much worse.

"But even without the United States, the world will move forward to fight the most pressing issue of our time.

“As a businessman, President Trump was famous for his bankruptcies that left investors and employees with losses.  Now, under President Trump’s leadership, the US stands on the brink of declaring moral bankruptcy, leaving the poorest and most vulnerable with a terrible mess to clean up.”


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