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Despite escalating violence in Syria, the U.S. has resettled only 11 Syrian refugees in 2018

By Oxfam

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Noah Gottschalk, Oxfam America's Humanitarian Policy lead said:

“Oxfam is deeply concerned by the disturbing escalation of violence in Syria and by reports of the use of chemical weapons. In response, the US has condemned these events in serious terms from the White House and at the United Nations. While the US was quick to condemn attacks on Syrian civilians, the Trump Administration continues its discriminatory and dangerous policy of keeping out Syrian refugees. The recent attacks are the latest, undeniable proof that Syrian civilians need protection, yet the US has admitted just 11 Syrian refugees this year.

"If we truly care about protecting the people of Syria, our actions must match our words. Oxfam calls on the US to work with the rest of the UN Security Council to urgently investigate the attacks and to offer safe haven to Syria’s civilians and others in harm’s way by resuming its refugee resettlement program at full capacity.”


Note to editors:

The U.S. Department of State Refugee Processing Center publishes monthly and annual refugee numbers, which can be viewed here: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+