Oxfam America's fundraising campaign surpasses goal--over $63 million raised for critical poverty alleviation and development programs

By Oxfam

BOSTON — International relief and development agency Oxfam America announced today that it has completed a major fundraising initiative. The ?Campaign for Oxfam America? surpassed its $50 million goal, bringing in over $63 million to expand Oxfam?s work in four key areas: saving lives, empowering women and families, creating economic opportunity and ensuring impact and effectiveness. During the three-year period of this Campaign, the organization also raised an additional $150 million to support ongoing programs.

?This campaign has allowed Oxfam America to launch long-term initiatives with confidence,? said Janet McKinley, chair of the board of directors as well as the Campaign for Oxfam America. ?Now we know we?ve got the financial resources in hand to support some of our key programs over the coming three to five years. Nothing we work on can be resolved quickly?it requires staying power.?

McKinley and her husband, George Miller, committed over $5 million to the Campaign. Other lead Campaign donors include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Individuals have contributed 46 percent of the donations for the Campaign for Oxfam America. Foundations and corporations have donated 54 percent. The Campaign received commitments for 14 gifts over $1 million.

Visa has made an initial three-year funding commitment to Oxfam America. The commitment is focused on humanitarian aid and targeted programs devoted to building inclusive economic growth to aid with poverty alleviation solutions.

?Visa?s commitment to Oxfam America, a highly-respected leader in advancing humanitarian aid, economic development, and poverty alleviation, is an integral part of Visa?s corporate responsibility program,? said Douglas Michelman, Global Head of Corporate Relations, Visa Inc. ?Visa shares Oxfam?s commitment to fostering greater economic independence among poor people and to helping individuals in vulnerable communities around the world, including in cases involving disaster relief efforts.?

In order to preserve its independence and voice, Oxfam America does not accept funding from the US government. The organization depends entirely on gifts and grants from individual donors, foundations, and corporations to carry out its mission of poverty alleviation and social justice.

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