Oxfam America statement after February 3rd hearing on lawsuit against Executive Order on refugees and immigrants


A federal judge in Boston has denied the extension of a temporary restraining order against elements of President Trump’s Executive Order on refugees and immigrants. Oxfam America is a plaintiff in the case.

Ray Offenheiser, President of Oxfam America said:

"Oxfam vehemently condemns President Trump's harmful and discriminatory Executive Order and believes denying admission to refugees and visitors to the US is an affront to the noble values upon which this country was founded. Oxfam has a diverse global workforce and regularly brings authentic voices - such as staff and local partners from the field - to the US to speak with policy makers, business leaders, and donors about conditions in those countries and about Oxfam's operations. The ability for those people to bear witness in a safe and secure setting here in the United States is essential to Oxfam's ability to address some of the worst humanitarian crises around the globe on behalf of our supporters.

While disappointed in today's ruling, we are proud to stand with the ACLU of Massachusetts and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and with the Massachusetts businesses and universities who have joined us in publicly denouncing the Executive Order.


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