One month after Cyclone Kenneth, “communities are eager to rebuild and move forward, but still need the basics to stay healthy and safe”

By Oxfam

Saturday, May 25 marks one month since Cyclone Kenneth struck northern Mozambique – just weeks after Cyclone Idai had hit further down the coast. Oxfam in Mozambique’s Country Director Rotafina Donco just returned from Pemba, in northern Mozambique. Upon return, Ms. Donco said:

“Since Cyclone Kenneth tore through northern Mozambique one month ago, communities here have shown unbelievable strength, supporting their families and neighbors. We have worked together with local organizations, the government and community volunteers to save lives after flooding and winds destroyed homes, crops, and other resources. Now, even as communities are eager to rebuild and move forward, many still need the basics to stay healthy and safe.

“Just as we saw after Cyclone Idai, there has been a deadly cholera outbreak following Cyclone Kenneth. In the face of this deadly disease and other grave challenges, donors and the aid community must act fast to save lives and stay the course. I just returned from Pemba, and things are grim. We spoke with two women who were harvesting green rice in a flooded field, who said they had to salvage what they could now, as 75% of the field was totally destroyed. Many in Pemba live in remote areas and prize their own self-reliance, but they deserve- and have the right to – support that will help them survive today and be better prepared for future disasters.”

Oxfam, as part of the COSACA Consortium with Save the Children and CARE, is continuing our response after Cyclone Kenneth struck northern Mozambique one month ago, on 25 April. This is the first time a storm of such intensity has been recorded in this region. We are providing clean water, toilets, hygiene kits, shelter materials and more, and we’re looking to support the area’s early recovery by providing seeds, tools and training to farmers and further activities.

Currently the overall UN appeal is less than 40% funded. Next week the Government of Mozambique will be holding a pledging conference in Beira to raise much-needed funds for the longer-term reconstruction and recovery efforts that are needed following the two disasters.

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