Kellogg takes bold stand in climate action during COP21

By Oxfam

Oxfam welcomes Kellogg’s continued efforts in fighting climate change

Oxfam welcomes Kellogg’s newly announced goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 65 percent across its own operations, and to reduce their supply chain emissions by 50 percent by 2050, committing to work with its suppliers to find ways for them to reduce their carbon footprints.  Kellogg made the announcement during the ongoing climate change negotiations in Paris.

“It is encouraging to see the company step up its climate mitigation ambition to align with the level of effort recommended by the IPCC to avoid dangerous temperature increase, which is one of the overarching goals of the global climate talks in Paris,” says Irit Tamir, Special Advisor to Oxfam America’s private sector team. “Climate change is putting hundreds of millions at risk of hunger and Kellogg has the power to influence and raise the standards within the food and beverage industry.”

The global food giant’s new GHG reduction target, which is part of their larger climate action commitment pledged in 2014, came after more than 230,000 supporters of Oxfam’s Behind the Brands campaign urged Kellogg and the other  top 10 food and beverage companies to do their part in reversing climate change. The world’s major food and beverage companies, like Kellogg, have a big climate footprint stemming mostly from agricultural emissions in their supply chains.

Oxfam is currently working with a third party to develop an analysis on whether Kellogg’s emission reduction target and plans are robust enough to achieve science-based GHG reductions across the value chain.

“Kellogg has shown it’s a climate leader and Oxfam looks forward to continuing its work with the company to ensure their commitments turn into action,” continued Tamir. “The food and beverage industry has both a moral imperative and a corporate responsibility to step up its efforts to tackle climate change and call for a strong global deal in Paris.”

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