In response to the clearance of S.J.Res.54 of a key procedural hurdle, Oxfam America’s Humanitarian Policy Lead Scott Paul said:

By Oxfam

“Oxfam is very encouraged that 63 senators voted today to move the War Powers measure forward to end US involvement in the war in Yemen. This result sends a strong message today: the US public does not want to be complicit in Yemen’s humanitarian crisis any longer.

“Now we need to see that message translated to more decisive, life-saving Congressional action. The Senate should adopt this legislation. Congress should also immediately suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia, as their deadly airstrikes continue.

"The Trump administration has made it clear they will placate an ally and business partner that is causing wanton suffering rather than save millions of Yemenis from violence, starvation, and preventable disease. Oxfam is calling on Congress to back up their words with a significant change in policy to cancel President Trump’s blank check to Saudi Arabia.

"This vote falls just at the 30 day deadline for a cessation of hostilities laid out by Secretaries Pompeo and Mattis, but no cessation is in place. The parties to the conflict have continued to demonstrate their indifference to the lives of men, women and children caught on the frontline. Today was an important milestone in the fight to end US support for the war in Yemen, and this momentum must continue to save millions of lives that are on the line.”

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