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In reaction to the votes on arms sales related to the conflict in Yemen scheduled today, Oxfam America’s Humanitarian Policy Lead Scott Paul, said:

By Oxfam

“Today’s strong bipartisan votes to block arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates show that Congress will no longer abide the US’s disgraceful fueling of the conflict in Yemen. Meanwhile, the Trump administration appears willing to go to any lengths for its Gulf allies and its friends in the arms industry. As Americans and their elected officials learn more about our country’s shameful complicity in the deadly crisis in Yemen, we see their growing disgust and determination to stand with Yemenis fighting for their lives. This persistent public and political action will bring about real, life-saving change in Yemen.

“Congress’s commitment to saving lives in Yemen is working: the parties to the conflict are on notice that they cannot count on American support forever. To build on that, Congress must continue to take bold action in the face of a US administration and warring parties that do not flinch as suffering and death tolls increase. Should the House pass these resolutions of disapproval, both House and the Senate members should be prepared to override President Trump’s likely veto. They must also include an unconditional ban on the sale of bombs to the parties in the National Defense Authorization Act, where it would benefit from protection against President Trump’s veto pen.”

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