House resolution incorrectly argues UN arms trade treaty threatens domestic gun ownership

By Oxfam

Washington, DC – International relief and development organization Oxfam America urges the House of Representatives to snub a resolution (H. Res. 814) introduced this week calling on President Obama not to sign an Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). The ATT would provide a global solution to the rogue and irresponsible trade of weapons across borders, but would not infringe on second amendment rights or undermine national security.

In reaction to the resolution, Oxfam America’s senior policy advisor for Humanitarian Response, Scott Stedjan stated the following:

“The United States already has some of the toughest regulations governing the international trade of weapons. This treaty is about getting other countries with weak or ineffective laws to raise their standards.

“The existing patchwork of laws around the globe allows irresponsible arms brokers to operate in the black holes of the international regulatory system and circumvent the jurisdiction of countries like the United States. These weapons often end up in the enemy and rogue hands, putting civilians and US troops at risk every day and threatening our national security.

“Our nation has the opportunity and the responsibility to stand on the right side of history. This resolution must not block the progress we’ve made to date. For the millions of people living in fear and poverty around the world there is no time left to waste.

“The Obama administration has publicly stated numerous times that it will not support a treaty that infringes on Second Amendment rights guaranteed by our Constitution. There is also language in the treaty text acknowledging that the trade of weapons for recreational, cultural, historical, and sporting activities and lawful ownership is legitimate and will remain to be determined by a country's national laws. Members of the House of Representatives need to separate fact from fiction and stop fueling the paranoia special interest groups are using for fundraising purposes.”

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