Congress Must Reject Cuts in Foreign Aid

By Oxfam

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In response to the President’s budget release today, Paul O’Brien, Oxfam America’s Vice President for Policy and Campaigns, made the following statement:

“President Trump’s budget proposal is immoral, short-sighted, and un-American. It would make the world more callous, reward oppression and violence, and damage long-term US interests. 

“If enacted, this budget would mean death for many vulnerable women, children and men around the world. Cuts to health programs, emergency food assistance, human rights, climate resilience, economic development will bring untold misery to millions around to world. 

De-funding anti-hunger and agriculture investments when faced with one declared famine and three others looming is simply unconscionable. 

“Despite statements from some in this Administration that the US is not pulling back from international engagement, this budget proposal turns its back on the world’s most vulnerable and creates a false choice between helping these people or helping people at home, especially when foreign aid is less than 1% of the US budget. 

“America First” must not mean the rest of the world goes to hell.  ‘American Greatness’ has always been built on shared prosperity, freedom, security, not building on the misery of others.

“While cloaked in the rhetoric of reform, these draconian budget cuts will actually roll back many recent reforms that have made America’s foreign aid even more effective. Members of Congress should not mistake this slash and burn approach as reform, and quickly reject it.” Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+