Oxfam's Winnie Byanyima reacts to Climate Action Summit

By Oxfam

In response to the Climate Action Summit, Oxfam International Executive Director Winnie Byanyima, said:

“The people marched with a clear and urgent message, but world leaders still refuse to listen. Even with extreme weather events raging and public impatience growing, too many politicians and business leaders are still not willing to step up and take the urgent climate action that public pressure and evidence demands. We saw too much talk of intended action, with little meaningful commitments, especially on the crucial issue of climate finance. Good intentions and recycled commitments will not protect the millions of people on the frontlines of the climate crisis. We need to see more leadership from all sides, particularly from the major emitting countries.

“This largely disappointing set of outcomes from the Climate Action Summit raises the stakes even higher for the upcoming COP25 and 2020, when leaders have another chance to lead or let down, once again. We cannot keep pushing these decisions down the road – we are running out of time.

“The young climate leaders have made it clear that they will not stop until they see action and Oxfam continues to stand in solidarity, calling on politicians, business leaders and private citizens to join the life or death fight to save our planet for future generations.”

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