Advisory: Local Humanitarian Leaders available to share their expertise and experience on World Humanitarian Day, every day

By Oxfam

Oxfam is marking World Humanitarian Day by honoring local leaders who lead lifesaving work every day, but who may not have the opportunity to share their invaluable expertise and experiences with the media.

Included below are contacts for a small number of the organizations Oxfam partners with around the globe who are on the frontlines of COVID-19 response and other ongoing crises, as part of our commitment to “pass the mic” to local organizations, leaders, and advocates.

Oxfam has long spoken about the urgent need to broadly reform the humanitarian system, in part by highlighting the vital work of local organizations and leaders who support their communities to prepare and prevent crises, who are the true first responders, and who work every day to save and improve the lives and futures of their families, friends, and neighbors.

The conversations that are finally gaining wider traction around the need to decolonize the aid system with a lens of anti-racism has made it clear that these efforts are not nearly fast or broad enough. One way to address this is to ensure the people most affected by, and those responding to, crises are able to speak directly about their needs, priorities and work. This representation matters and could lead to more rich and accurate coverage.

Oxfam has leading experts available across our reach of 90+ countries and many areas of focus. And to complement this kind of knowledge and network, these local voices are equally essential for full understanding of the complex contexts and issues we’re all tackling together.

Below are listed brilliant local experts and advocates who are eager to speak more about their work and give their perspective as it would be helpful for your reporting. This list is far from exhaustive, and we are committed to doing more to share these and more going forward. We hope you’ll reach out to them directly (unless otherwise noted) and we’re happy to facilitate conversations about their areas of expertise, or help make connections with others who can better support your work.

Some of the local humanitarian leaders available for media inquiries:


Muna Luqman, Executive Director of Food4Humanity; Founding Member of Women's Solidarity Network
Contact: [email protected]
Areas of Focus: Humanitarian response, Women’s rights, Women peace & security

Aisha Thawab, Director of Abs Foundation for Women and Children
Contact: [email protected]
Areas of Focus: Humanitarian response, Gender issues, Education, Sustainable development

Waleed El-Haj, Director of Badder Foundation
Contact: [email protected]
Areas of Focus: Youth activism, Peacebuilding


Razia Sultana, Chairperson of RWWS, Human Rights Advocate and Lawyer
Contact: [email protected]; +88018466078
Areas of Focus: Women’s rights and gender-based violence, Rohingya human rights, Women peace & security

Mostafa Nuruzzaman, Chief Executive of Shushilan
Contact: [email protected]; +88 01720510199, 01856410500; skype: ce.shushilan
Areas of Focus: Humanitarian response for Rohingya refugees and across Bangladesh including water and sanitation, Women’s economic empowerment


Nelmo Munyiri, Mukuru Youth Initiative
Contact: [email protected]
Area of Focus: Youth organizing and activism

Ahmed Ibrahim, Arid Lands Development Focus (ALDEF)
Contact: skype: awater1; +254722370506,; +254202025542
Areas of Focus: Locust response, Humanitarian response, Education, Localization of aid during COVID-19 response and generally

South Sudan

Rajab Mohandis, Coordinator of the South Sudan Civil Society Forum (SSCSF) and Executive Director Organization for Responsive Governance (ORG)
Contact: [email protected]
Areas of Focus: Peace process and community engagement

Mary Ajith, Director of the Catholic Radio Network and Media Lead for the South Sudan Civil Society Forum (SSCSF)
Contact: [email protected]
Areas of Focus: Using media and broadcast to cover news, civic education, and more.

Mary Fatiya, Deputy Executive Director of Young Women Christian Association (YWCA)
Contact: [email protected]
Areas of Focus: Peacebuilding, HIV/AIDs education and treatment, Sexual & reproductive health, Education, Psychosocial support for trauma


Ritah Nansereko, Executive Director of African Women and Youth Action for Development (AWYAD) and Chairperson for Charter4Change Working Group
Contact: [email protected], +256 772057140, +256 755 698 018
Areas of Focus: Localization of aid, Humanitarian and refugee response in Uganda

John Jal Dak, Founder and Executive Director of Youth Social Advocacy Team (YSAT)- UGANDA
Contact: [email protected], +256776443727
Areas of Focus: Refugee-led humanitarian response, Youth organizing

Puerto Rico

Amárilis Pagán Jiménez, Executive Director of Proyecto Matria
Contact: via Oxfam
Areas of Focus: Gender-based violence, including via their 24-hour hotline; Poverty and inequality in COVID-19 and generally

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