President Trump’s new executive order on climate policy threatens climate resilience around the world

By Oxfam

As climate change worsens, the President’s latest executive order reverses critical progress and puts the world’s poorest people at even greater risk.

President Trump has signed a new executive order set to undo landmark Obama-era climate policies, including the Clean Power Plan, regulatory standards for power plants, and a moratorium on federal coal leasing. This move is just the latest in a series of actions that will dismantle progress to fight climate change here at home and around the world.

The order will set in motion the unraveling of policies and programs aimed at helping the United States reduce its climate pollution, protect public health, better manage climate change impacts, and play a leadership role in the clean energy economy--and Trump’s move to dismantle them is climate denialism in action.

Ultimately, the executive order means that people here at home and many more abroad are likely to be harmed in the long run, while a small handful of polluter elites and their allies benefit in the short-term from undoing climate-smart policies.

“President Trump’s reprehensible move to dismantle US progress in fighting climate change is yet another signal that this administration could not care less about the millions of vulnerable people around the world who live on the front lines of a climate crisis they did not create,” said Oxfam America’s Climate Change Manager, Heather Coleman. “These actions cater to the fossil fuel industry and corporate elites, while leaving the most vulnerable high and dry.”

It’s reported that the Executive Order will rescind guidance to US federal agencies to make climate-minded investment decisions that help communities here at home and abroad build resilience to climate change. Responding to climate-related disasters when they strike rather than investing in sound risk reduction programs today could ultimately cost US taxpayers up to 40 percent more. Simply put, this is another bad investment move by President Trump that won’t benefit the American people and instead will take more money from their pockets over time.

“Despite the lack of leadership from the President and Congress in addressing climate change, US businesses, cities, and states are stepping up to commit to climate action and to long-term solutions that create safer, healthier communities and strong economic prosperity,” said Coleman. “Oxfam will continue to encourage equitable solutions to the climate crisis and hold sectors and government leaders accountable.”

We need Congress to step up and fight back against President Trump’s efforts to destroy progress on climate change. If Congress doesn’t act now, poor communities will be left high and dry to deal with a climate crisis that they didn’t create.

As we’ve learned, we can influence Congress to stop President Trump’s agenda if we speak up loud enough. Tell Congress that you oppose President Trump's moves to undo progress on climate change  and join us at the People’s Climate March on April 29th along with hundreds of allied organizations to take a stand for climate action and against injustice.

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