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A big win for poultry workers!

Tyson commits to major steps to improve worker health and safety, compensation, worker engagement, and transparency—raising the bar for the rest of the poultry industry.

Politics of Poverty blog

“Low pay! No way! Andy Puzder went away!”

Andrew Puzder would’ve been terrible for workers as Secretary of Labor. As a nominee, though, he galvanized a broad coalition into concerted, effective action. And workers led the way.

Politics of Poverty blog

Raising worker voice at Big Poultry shareholder meetings

In the ongoing campaign to pressure the top US poultry companies to improve conditions for processing workers, Oxfam will soon present resolutions at their annual investor meetings to call on company leaders to implement changes. The angles will be new, but our bottom line will remain the same: workers need better pay, safer conditions, and dignity.

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