The 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the block on Trump’s travel ban. Now Congress must act.

By Oxfam

Yesterday’s ruling underscores the need for both legal and legislative action to definitively overturn the ban.

Yesterday, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals decided to maintain the temporary suspension of the Executive Order banning refugees and travelers from seven Muslim countries. While yesterday’s court decision appropriately extends relief to thousands of people, it does not permanently abolish the Executive Order. This discriminatory and un-American ban must not remain in legal limbo. Urgent action is needed from Congress now.

“President Trump’s discriminatory and harmful Executive Order is currently facing several legal challenges across the country, including the ACLU of Massachusetts lawsuit, in which Oxfam America joined as a plaintiff,” said Raymond Offenheiser, President of Oxfam America. “Several judges have stood up to President Trump’s harmful actions. But lawsuits are not enough. Oxfam is calling on Congress to use its power to stop this Executive Order immediately.”

Various court cases have challenged President Trump’s discriminatory order. But piecemeal legal challenges won’t be enough to fully overturn this ban. There are three branches of government that are supposed to act as a checks on one another, and Congress has been conspicuously silent. 

The Executive Order has been widely derided—by Oxfam supporters, over 100 tech companies, legal experts, dozens of mayors and local elected officials. Americans across the country are joining with their community groups, churches, synagogues, and mosques to continue to welcome refugees into their communities. Now is the time to demand that our representatives in Congress hear the public outcry and stand up to President Trump by working to overturn the ban.

“An estimated 20,000 refugees who would have traveled during the next 120 days and who have already gone through a rigorous, multi-agency vetting process lasting two years were immediately impacted by the ban. Additionally, over 40,000 refugees who were approved for resettlement have also been forced to put their families and lives in limbo due to this hasty action by President. These actions by President Trump are causing unacceptable harm to the world’s most vulnerable people,” said Mr. Offenheiser.

The Executive Order bars Syrian refugees from entering the United States indefinitely, suspends all refugee admissions for 120 days, imposes bans on refugees on the basis of their religion, and blocks citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries, refugees or otherwise, from entering the United States for 90 days: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

President Trump's Executive Order breaks with more than 200 years of American values of helping people in their time of need. From Syria, to Yemen, to Sudan, people are facing unspeakable horrors and need our help.

As the Legislative branch, Congress has the power to stop President Trump's Executive Order – and we're calling on them to use that power now.

Tell Congress: overturn the refugee and immigration ban now.

Act now

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