Rosalind Conway

President, Browns Town Advisory Services, Inc.

Rosalind is the chair of the Board’s Audit Committee. Her firm, Browns Town Advisory Services, Inc., an independent management consulting firm, provides consulting expertise to companies in areas including, audit, governance, anti-corruption, credit risk, anti-money laundering (AML), regulatory policy development and implementation, fraud investigations, risk management, eDiscovery strategy, and privacy and data security. In addition, Rosalind is a co-founder of Browns Town Music LLP, a production, recording, and music publishing company that has an impressive roster of young, talented, and exciting producers, writers, and artists, collaborating with music industry leaders in creating trend setting great music and developing new talent. Formerly, Rosalind was a director with PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP, in the Forensic Technology Solutions Practice, her PwC career spanning 15 years as a financial services regulatory consultant; her key clients included global banks, federal bank regulators, investment advisors, broker dealers, and insurance companies. Rosalind is also a former federal bank examiner where she identified discriminatory lending practices (i.e., redlining), investigated money laundering allegations, and performed risk-based capital and residential and commercial loan portfolio analyses. Rosalind holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Howard University and a master’s degree in Business Administration from Texas State University. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+