Thought leaders

Oxfam America’s staff are available for comment and background briefings for the media on a wide range of issues. Please contact any member of the media team listed on this page.

  1. Heather Coleman

    Climate Change Policy Manager

    Heather Coleman manages Oxfam America’s climate policy work, leading efforts to push for climate action globally and to address the impacts of climate change on the most vulnerable communities. She previously served as climate policy analyst at Environment Northeast and NESCAUM where she worked on regional and state climate-related initiatives such as the development of The Climate Registry, and the design and implementation of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

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  2. Ian Gary

    Associate Policy Director, Fueling Development

    Ian Gary directs Oxfam America’s policy and advocacy work focused on promoting transparent and accountable financial flows – for example from oil and mining revenues, taxes and aid – to fight poverty.

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  3. Noah Gottschalk

    Senior Humanitarian Policy Advisor

    Noah Gottschalk is senior policy advisor for humanitarian response at Oxfam America, where he focuses on Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Syria as well as broader conflict and human rights issues. He has over a decade of experience working with children, families, and communities affected by conflict in these countries and elsewhere in Africa and the Middle East. He specializes in gender issues in forced displacement and in the return and reintegration of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs).

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  4. Gawain Kripke

    Director of Policy

    Gawain Kripke is the director of policy and research at Oxfam America and has more than 20 years of experience working on public policy and advocacy issues. His department conducts research and policy advocacy focusing on the effectiveness of foreign aid and development, climate change, trade and agriculture, humanitarian issues, and extractive industries.

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  5. Stephanie Kurzina

    Vice President for Development and Communications

    “Only an organization that has worked for decades on the root causes of poverty can understand how interrelated poverty and the rights of women are. I’ve always been passionate about women’s rights and human rights and working at Oxfam allows me to fulfill that every day.”

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  6. Muthoni Muriu

    Senior Director of Regional Programs

    "From an early age, I believed in the value of service. Oxfam’s very ethos, of working on sustainable and systemic solutions to social justice issues, fit with what is a natural inclination for me. I need to know I am making a difference, and serving others. Oxfam provides me with one of the best and most influential platforms to do this."

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  7. Raymond C. Offenheiser

    President, Oxfam America

    "Oxfam America distinguishes itself because we ask the right questions. We ask hard questions. Not just of the US government, corporations, and political leaders in the countries where we work—but of our partners around the globe and, most important, of ourselves. We also pursue answers vigorously and develop innovative approaches to reducing poverty."

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  8. Paul O'Brien

    Vice President for Policy and Campaigns

    "I am at Oxfam because it works harder than any other organization I know to link the fight for global justice to local truths. We are a distinctive NGO because we do so much policy, advocacy, and campaigning. We are a different kind of 'idea leader' because we work so closely with communities around the world. On our best days, we bring it all together."

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  9. Scott Paul

    Senior Humanitarian Policy Advisor

    Scott Paul is Oxfam America’s senior humanitarian policy advisor focusing on East Africa and a range of cross-cutting humanitarian issues. Previously he worked for CIVIC, an organization that seeks to make warring parties more responsible to civilians. Paul initiated CIVIC’s work on the conflict in Somalia and directed its Making Amends Campaign. Paul also served as deputy director, government relations at Citizens for Global Solutions where he led numerous coalition-based campaigns to promote a vision of US foreign policy centered on cooperation, pragmatism and the rule of law.

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  10. Sophie Romana

    Director Community Finance

    Sophie Romana joined Oxfam America in August 2011 to lead its Saving for Change (SfC) program. She merges social justice and financial innovation to lead a community finance initiative that increases resilience and financial assets. Working with 680,000 members in rural villages throughout 13 countries, SfC trains groups of women to save regularly, borrow from their group’s fund, and repay loans with interest.

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  11. Shannon Scribner

    Humanitarian Policy Manager

    Shannon Scribner has been with Oxfam America since 2003 and is currently leading the humanitarian policy team in Washington, DC. She has worked on Oxfam’s humanitarian responses in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, Ethiopia, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other countries.

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  12. Darius Teter

    Vice President for Programs

    "I spent nearly two decades fighting the symptoms of poverty more than its root causes, and only in Oxfam have I found a community of people who understand the difference and act on it with passion, humor, and smarts."

    Meet Darius Teter
  13. Nahuel Arenas

    Director, Humanitarian Response Department

    Nahuel Arenas joined Oxfam in 2007 and since then has occupied several positions in the organization, leading humanitarian responses in Mozambique, Chad, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, South Sudan and supporting Oxfam’s response in Haiti.

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