Oxfam's supporters in the music industry including musicians, labels, managers, and media amplify our efforts to end the injustice of poverty and help spread the word to millions of fans.

  1. Angelique Kidjo

    Benin-born Angélique Kidjo is one of the biggest world music stars of the last 20 years. "Africa's premier diva" according to Time Magazine, and one of the most powerful celebrities in Africa according to Forbes. Angélique is an inspiring and passionate campaigner for Oxfam and has travelled to various Oxfam projects to help raise awareness.

    Meet Angelique Kidjo
  2. Wilco

    One of America's most respected bands, Chicago-based Wilco have supported Oxfam's mission by hosting Oxfam information tables at their shows around the country, and donating their music to raise money for Haiti relief work and other outreach projects.

    Meet Wilco
  3. Coldplay

    British rock band Coldplay has been among Oxfam's most high profile and vocal supporters of the last decade. They have used their worldwide success to help Oxfam campaign in over 50 countries. In 2012 alone, Coldplay helped Oxfam reach over 100 million people worldwide thanks to their social media networks and Oxfam’s presence on their world tour.

    Meet Coldplay
  4. Radiohead

    Hailing from Oxfam's own international base of Oxford, England, Radiohead's Thom Yorke famously posed for Oxfam's Make Trade Fair campaign covered in chocolate in 2004 to raise awareness of unfair trade practices. In 2010, Radiohead raised nearly $600,000 for Oxfam's Haiti relief work at a benefit concert in Los Angeles. Radiohead fans continue to support Oxfam's work with unique benefit projects created in honor of the band's charitable leanings.

    Meet Radiohead
  5. Baaba Maal

    An icon of West African music, Senegalese singer Baaba Maal has achieved global recognition, performed for heads of state and been nominated for a Grammy award. He is also internationally renowned for his commitment to development in Africa, and has endeavored to draw attention to issues including women’s rights, the ravages caused by AIDS, climate change, the importance of aid and the current food crisis. A charismatic and dynamic ambassador for Oxfam, Baaba speaks with passion and authority about Africa and its future.

    Meet Baaba Maal
  6. Dirty Heads

    Southern California reggae-rock champs Dirty Heads create music with a feel-good vibe, but dig a little deeper and you'll hear lyrics encouraging listeners to rise-up and create social change. Passionate about hunger and poverty issues, the band supports organizations like Oxfam who can inspire music fans to make a difference.

    Meet Dirty Heads
  7. Lucius

    Brooklyn-based Lucius have worked with Oxfam since 2013, when they contributed a demo version of their song "Until We Get There" to the yearly Oxfam Summer Jams compilation. As the band enters the next phase of their career with the release of their new album "Good Grief", Lucius is partnering with Oxfam America on our campaign to end extreme inequality.

    Meet Lucius
Tabling at Coldplay. Photo: Bob Ferguson/Oxfam America.

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