Fight for refugees

Welcoming those in need of refuge is a fundamental part of our national story. For decades, the US has been a safe haven for families who have nowhere else to turn.

That safe haven has never been more important than it is now. Nearly 70.8 million people are on the move today because of conflict, violence and persecution. 25.9 million are refugees, living far away from home.

Many mothers and fathers in countries like Yemen, Syria, South Sudan and El Salvador long to reach the US in search of safety. Many are making impossible choices about whether to stay or go—all for a better future. Most have been forced to flee multiple times. And in every new emergency, women and children who are forced to leave are exposed to higher risks of rape and other forms of sexual violence.

Despite this unprecedented need—more people are displaced now than at any time in recorded history—President Trump decided to walk back the US’ historic commitment to refugees by only allowing up to 18,000 to be resettled into the country in 2019—the lowest level since 1980.

We must continue our tradition of welcoming refugees into our communities, and we cannot stay silent while the current administration turns its back on them.

Sign your name now and show that you stand with refugees today. Pledge now to fight for:

  1. Ending the rhetoric that criminalizes and demonizes refugees
  2. Welcoming more refugees here to the US and restoring American leadership on support for people in need
  3. Opposing any efforts to ban refugees from coming to the US on the basis of their religion

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