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Fighting in central and northern Iraq has forced 4.2 million people to flee their homes. More than 11 million people are in need of humanitarian aid due to the ongoing crisis.

Families that have fled their homes and those that have returned home remain in desperate need of food, shelter, medicine, and water. Oxfam has reached 312,000 people with lifesaving assistance.

Fighting in Mosul has displaced more than 630,000 people since February 2017. Oxfam has rehabilitated water treatment plants that provide clean water to people seeking shelter in camps for displaced people, as well as for health care centers in nearby areas. Oxfam has also distributed clean water and more than 4,000 hygiene kits (including soap) to 22,000 people in camps.


Iraqi youth rebuild their dreams

In Qayyarah, Iraq, an ISIS stronghold until October 2016, youth who were stripped of basic rights under Islamic State (ISIS) rule are clamoring for a chance at a brighter future.


7 ways you can help refugees right now

Oxfam will not back down when it comes to standing up for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. We know that you care too—so we’ve put together a list of seven ways you can help refugees right now.


Toughing it out in Iraq

As determined families return to rebuild and others endure more violence, Oxfam helps locals strengthen their ability to respond and recover. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+