Women at the front lines of Ebola response

On World Humanitarian Day, we recognize the selflessness of women humanitarians saving lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Oxfam Ebola Response - Community AwarenessNews update

Ebola outbreak: Millions in DRC face lethal mix of virus, violence, and inadequate healthcare

Local health workers need more training and support to contain epidemic

Ebola-DRC-Oxfam-Community-Education-113749lpr.jpgNews update

New cases of Ebola show outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo is not yet under control

Recent cases of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have claimed at least 90 lives since the start of August. Oxfam is now concerned that conflict, which has plagued the eastern part of the DRC for decades, could undermine efforts to contain the latest outbreak.