Crisis in Central African Republic

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The violence that broke out in the Central African Republic in December 2013 has sent more than 900,000 people fleeing for their lives. Oxfam is delivering essential aid to many of those in need.

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How we're responding

Updated February 2014

In December 2013, a long-running civil conflict in the Central African Republic (CAR) erupted into violence, and the deaths, human rights abuses, and massive displacement that followed have caused untold suffering.

The crisis in the Central African Republic is acute: armed conflict threatens the lives of civilians, markets are nearly empty and food prices are soaring, families have been reduced to eating one meal a day, and—at a critical moment of the growing season—farmers lack access to land, seeds, and tools.

Half the country’s population is now in urgent need of assistance, but it is not safe for supply convoys to travel the roads, and aid workers are unable to reach many of those in need.

Oxfam is launching responses in both the Central African Republic and neighboring Chad, where thousands have taken refuge from the violence. The focus: improving access to food and clean water.  We are now trucking water to around 20,000 people in the Central African Republic and will soon begin distributing food vouchers.

Advocacy is also a key part of our response: Oxfam is joining forces with other aid groups to call for action from the international community to help protect civilians, enable people affected by the crisis to meet their basic needs, promote reconciliation, address urgent security needs of women and girls, prepare for what may soon become a serious food crisis, and over the longer term, alleviate the poverty and underdevelopment that are fueling the current conflict.

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