Peru Earthquake: Oxfam teams on the ground assessing damage

By mborum

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LIMA — Oxfam has sent teams to assess damage and humanitarian needs in the region south of Lima, following an 8.0-magnitude earthquake last night. The areas around Pisco, Chincha and Ica are most affected, with the latest estimates suggesting over 300 people may have been killed and over 1,000 injured.

Oxfam staff will evaluate the humanitarian needs, including water and health systems, and will consult with the Red Cross and Peruvian Government humanitarian response unit. Oxfam will then offer the appropriate level of humanitarian support.

Celia Aldana, spokesperson for Oxfam International in Peru said: "We are going to focus on the southern areas which are the most affected. It is really hard to tell what the full affect is, as communications are very patchy and many areas are cut off by landslides and collapsed bridges. The local media are reporting that many people are arriving in the cities from the countryside seeking help."

"I have lived through four earthquakes and can remember three of them but this has been the worst of all. The tremors lasted for minutes and were terrible. However, despite this, the damage in Lima doesn't at the moment appear to be too bad. The damage in the south is much worse"

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Statement from Oxfam America's Francisco Boeren, Deputy Director of Oxfam America's South America Regional Office in Lima.

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